Appearance of the Mother of God in the Church of the Tithes

In 2006, on Thursday of Bright Week, the Queen of Heaven appeared in our church immediately after the all-night vigil of the holiday of the Life-Giving Source icon. When this happened, people were still in the temple.

The Most Holy Theotokos entered in a long snow-white robe, with an omophorion covering her head. Everyone who was in the temple saw her. She walked like a man in flesh, the sound of Her steps was heard. The Most Pure One approached the analogue, on which was installed our only painted icon at that time - the Tithe Icon of the Mother of God. The Mother of God approached the icon, stood beside her, looked, even bowed her head a little towards her, as a person who is attentively examining something usually does.

On Bright Week, the royal gates are open all week. And the Mother of God, bypassing the analogion with the icon, entered the altar by the royal gates. When She raised Her pure hands to heaven and began to pray, people fell to the floor in a frenzy, and their bodies and minds were cut off (Saint Paisius the Holy Reverend said that when the grace of God comes to a person, he is “crushed” or literally “paralyzed”, his bones become soft like wax). In memory of this event, a night service takes place in the Temple - at 23:45, every Thursday we solemnly serve the Divine Liturgy.

Back to life

The most striking of the miracles, which happened soon, was the return to life of the servant of God Mary. This was just a month after the apparition of the Virgin. One day a high-ranking official came to negotiate the burial of his mother. Adult man, 50 years old. His mother Maria was in the intensive care unit of a famous hospital and no longer showed any signs of life - breathing was forcibly supported by apparatus. The question was when to turn them off: the doctors unanimously said that it was impossible to return the woman, and gave time to relatives to agree on a place in the cemetery. One of Mary's two sons, greatly grieved, cried, reproached himself that his mother had died, and he did not have time to say goodbye to her properly. He so wanted to tell her something, to do, to pay off his filial debt. At that time there were only two candlesticks in the temple. He went, put two full candlesticks of candles, prayed and ... my mother came to life. Servant of God Mary, who was then over 70, returned to life from the

Miracle of healing

We also have a man who had been suffering from purulent thrombophlebitis for 15 years. This is a terrible thing: a person could not walk, his legs were rotting alive. He could not get up, everything was clogged with blood clots, his legs were black. When we were serving a prayer service, then suddenly, from nowhere, a white mist like milk appeared and floated across the temple. I still looked at him, but did not attach much importance. And then after the prayer service in front of our eyes, this seriously ill man got out of the wheelchair and walked away on his own. After healing, he returned, thanked the Most Holy Theotokos and us. This man is a newcomer and sometimes comes to our services, the brothers see him. He spent 15 years of his life in a wheelchair, and in 15 minutes all the wounds on his legs healed.

Miracle in fire

Is it any wonder that true miracles are happening in the monastery today: healings from the most severe oncological and pulmonary diseases, infertility, and the ailment of drunkenness. People usually do not spread much about modern miracles, keeping in secret the mercy of God to them. But recently, miraculous properties, invisible to human eyes, have been exposed. On December 15, 2012, unknown persons set fire to the temple, but the flame, contrary to the laws of physics, turned out to be helpless near the Orthodox Shrines. A particle of the relics of blessed Matrona, the miraculous icon of the Mother of God “Tithes” and the miraculous icon of the Mother of God “Knyazhegradskaya” (“Minsk”) were in the epicenter of the fire. But after being engulfed in flames for two and a half hours, they remained completely unharmed! Everything around was damaged: air conditioners melted, the inner lining of the domed part of the church collapsed, the decoration of the temple and all the wooden objects burned down, and the icons remained intact. This is how the miraculous properties of the Shrines manifested themselves clearly!

This is a great and terrible miracle. It shows once again that the Church of the Tithes is a place of great grace.