The last rector of the Nativity of the Mother of God of the Church of the Tithes, Archpriest Nikolai Malizhenovsky

21 February 2023

Nikolai Fedorovich Malizhenovsky was born in the family of a priest of the Pyatnitskaya church with. Fyodor Vasilyevich Malizhenovsky (1830–18.01.1907) of the Great Istorop of the Lebedinsky district of the Kharkov province and his wife Anna Yakovlevna Grigorieva (born in 1833)

Nikolai Malizhenovsky graduated from the Veliko-Istoropskoye rural folk and Sumy (according to some sources, Akhtyrka) theological school (1876–1880). He received his secondary education at the Kharkov Theological Seminary, and his higher education at the Kyiv Theological Academy (KDA), which he entered on August 31, 1890.

He graduated from the Academy on June 13, 1894 with a degree of Candidate of Theology, having submitted an essay for defense on the topic: “The Kiev Women's Ascension Florovsky Monastery”.

Graduated from the Academy as 18 candidate.

On June 13, 1894, Malizhenovsky was awarded the degree of candidate of theology (on July 8, 1894, he was approved in this degree). On July 12, 1894, diploma No. 501 was issued signed by the rector of the Academy, Bishop Sylvester, inspector of the KDA I. Korolkov, member of the Council - S. Solsky and secretary S. Pesotsky. For staying at the Academy on state support, he was obliged to serve 6 years or return the amount of 840 rubles.

June 11, 1895 His Grace Vladimir, Bishop of Yekaterinoslav, Nikolai Malizhenovsky was ordained a priest to St. Nicholas Church at the Dnieper plant with. Kamensky, Yekaterinoslav province. In the same place, from August 3 (September 5), 1895 to June 29, 1905, he served as the teacher of the senior classes of the six-year school at the Dnieper plant. In 1905 he became a full member of the Church Historical and Archaeological Society.He was also a member of the Epiphany Brotherhood at the KDA.

June 27(29), 1905 Nikolai was transferred to Kyiv to take the place of rector of the St. Michael's Church at the Alexander Hospital, and on June 12, 1914, he was assigned to the Kiev-Sofievsky Cathedral.

On October 1, 1910, during the absence of the clergyman, Fr. S. Tregubov, Father Nikolai was admitted with. to fulfill the duties of a teacher of the law at the First Imperial Alexander Kiev Men's Gymnasium, but already on July 11, 1912, due to the latter's entry into office, he was dismissed from his position

On November 13, 1912, due to the resignation of Archpriest Tregubov, Malizhenovsky was again admitted to teaching and on January 18, 1913, by order of the Trustee of the Kiev educational district, from November 11, 1912, he was approved as a teacher of the law of the Alexander Gymnasium (12 lessons in 1919 .)

In addition, he was a teacher of the law: Tatyaninsky Women's City Parish School No. 43 (from September 5 (October) 1908 to October 1, 1910), A.K. Titarenko (since September 16, 1911), Kyiv Women's Gymnasium St. Princess Olga (since July 1, 1912) (6 lessons in 1919). At the same time, he also served as clerk of the Society for Assistance to Needy Students of the Kyiv Women's Gymnasium of St. Princess Olga.

In April 1913, Fr. Nikolai organized lectures against drunkenness: on April 27 - in the Alexander Hospital based on D. Bulgakovsky's brochure "Drunkenness and its disastrous fruits", illustrated with pictures using a magic lantern, and after a prayer service - in a doss house on Bessarabka.Malizhenovsky had the following priestly awards: a cuisse (October 2, 1900), a skuf (June 8, 1904), a kamilavka (May 6, 1908), and a pectoral cross (May 6, 1912).

May 31, 1913 Fr. Nikolai received the right to wear a light bronze medal in memory of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, and on May 6, 1915 he was awarded the Order of Anna III degree.

On May 19, 1916, by His Grace Nikodim, Bishop of Chigirinsky, he was elevated to the rank of archpriest,

September 27, 1917 Fr. Nikolai became a member of the Board of the Union of Parish Councils in Kyiv. Since 1918 - a member of the Union of Pastors of Kiev.

On February 15, 1919, in view of the prohibition of the Soviet government to teach the Law of God in educational institutions, Malizhenovsky left the service at the Alexander Gymnasium, which, from March 12 of the same year, by order of the Board of Public Education and Propaganda of the Executive Committee of the Kiev Council of Workers' Deputies of February 20, 1919 was closed.

From February 14 (27), 1918 to October 2, 1929, the priest serves as rector of the Church of the Tithes in Kyiv.

In connection with the release of the Archpriest of the Church of the Tithes, Fr. Peter Velmin, the election of the rector was announced.

On February 23 (10), 1918, Father Nikolai addressed the dean of the II district of Kiev, Father G. Bogoslovsky, with the following report: “The Parish Council and the parishioners (the part known to me) of the Tithe Church designated me as a candidate for a vacant position