Divine service on the day of remembrance of the holy prophet of God Elijah

02 August 2019

August 2, 2019, on the day of commemoration of the Holy Prophet Elijah , with the blessing of His Grace Gideon, Bishop Makarovsky, the abbot of the Tithes Monastery of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos, a festive service was performed at the monastery by the brethren in the priesthood.

After the reading of the Holy Gospel, a fervent prayer was raised for peace in Ukraine and for the unity of the Orthodox Church.

The Holy Church blesses today the largest among the Old Testament prophets - the prophet of God Elijah, a zealous preacher faith, a fearless denouncer of human passions and vices.

The Holy Prophet Elijah lived 900 years before the birth of Christ, at that difficult time when his people, leaving the true God, fell into idolatry ... The prophet Elijah was a zealous champion of true faith and piety. He denounced the rulers and people who deviated into paganism.

The sermons and appeals of the prophet Elijah were hot. King Ahab of Israel and especially his wife, Queen Jezebel, began persecuting the prophet and wanted to kill him. The holy prophet went into the wilderness and was there in prayer and sorrow. Sometimes sorrow reached despair, and then the prophet asked God to die for himself. But after going through trials, he was even more exalted and glorified. Today we delight the zealot of the glory of God, a man who had unshakable faith in God and unlimited hope in Him.