A solemn service was served on the site of the first cathedral of Kievan Rus

28 July 2019

On July 28, 2019, on the day of the holiday of the Baptism of Russia and the day of remembrance of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir , with the blessing of His Eminence Gideon, Bishop Makarovsky, the abbot of the Tithes Monastery of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos, a festive divine service in honor of the patronal feast of the Vladimir-Olginsky church.

After the reading of the Holy Gospel, a fervent prayer was raised for peace in Ukraine and for the unity of the Orthodox Church.

At the end of the service, a procession of the cross was performed around the temple and the site of the first cathedral church of Kievan Rus, Desyatinny Cathedral of the Most Holy Theotokos.

The Feast of the Baptism of Rus is celebrated throughout the Orthodox world, but it is special for the Desyatny Monastery, here Prince Vladimir lived, ruled and died. On this holy place, on this day, the foundation stone of the first cathedral took place by Metropolitan Michael. The new cathedral became the starting point for the spread of the light of Christ's truth throughout Kievan Rus. And it was this day that our ancestors considered the day of the Baptism of Rus, and even the Church of the Tithes was called “the mother of Russian churches.”