Priest of the Church of the Tithes New Martyr and Confessor Archpriest Vitaly Bogdan

21 February 2023

Archpriest Vitaly Bogdan was approved by the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in 1981 as a new martyr and confessor of Russia. churches with. Ositnyazhki of the Chigirinsky district of the Kiev province 

 He received his primary education at the Cherkasy theological school, and the secondary education in the 1st category - at the Kiev theological seminary, where he studied until June 1903 (certificate No. 907 was issued on 26.06.1903 ). 

 04/27/1903 was initiated into the surplice, and 08/26/1903. of the same year he received a diploma. 

Had the title of student. 

On 13.06.1903 he was appointed to a priestly vacancy in the village of Varshintsy, Berdichevsky district. On July 19, 1903, he was ordained a deacon, and the next day - a priest. 07/10/1906 was transferred to the place of the rector of the Trinity Church of the Novaya Priluka metro station, Berdichevsky district. 

3 / 17.10.1911 was appointed the second dean of the V district of the Berdichevsky district. 

 { {1}} July 22-29, 1913 took part in the pastoral missionary courses in Kazatin, where he offered a pastoral teaching about a shepherd as a driver of sheep along the narrow path of salvation. 

07.16.1918 he graduated from the Kiev Theological Academy. 

During the years of service, the priest was awarded: a legguard (1906); skufia (1913); kamilavka (1920). 

In 1920, he took an active part in the activities of the Society of Orthodox Christians named after Nicholas the Wonderworker under the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the Bessarabian covered market. 

 {{1} } In 1920, presenting Father Vitaly to be awarded a kamilavka, the Chairman of the Board of the Union of Clergy of Kiev and the Kiev Diocese Archpriest N. Gross wrote: “Priest.Solomenskaya Church Vitaly Bogdan, who works with outstanding success for general church affairs in the brotherhood in the name of St. Nicholas (in the covered market, in Bessarabka), is one of the most active members of the Clergy Union and always takes the most active part in the implementation of its tasks. He never refuses to fulfill the assignments of the Union - assignments are often difficult (for example, constant intercessions for arrested and imprisoned clergymen), he provides the Union with irreplaceable services and among its members is an example of true pastoral fervor " throughout 1919 he was a seconded priest at: the Jordanian Church (until 2 / 15.07.1919), St. Michael's Church of the Alexander Hospital (2 / 15.07-September 1919). 

 From September 1919 to 6.02.1926 . was the second priest of the Solomenskaya church. 

Since February 1926, Fr. Vitaly is a supernumerary priest of the Tithe Church;  

As a priest of the Tithe parish, he initiated theological talks on Sunday evenings after the service. Vitaly's interpretation of the Books of the Apocalypse attracted the attention of the OGPU. 

On June 14, 1927, he was arrested on suspicion of counter-revolutionary agitation. Interrogated by the representative of the OGPU, Comrade Ivanov. He was imprisoned in the DOPR, where he was held until 14.08. of the same year. 

01/15/1931 under warrant No. 3706 was arrested by employees of the OGPU of the Ukrainian SSR. The priest was charged with participation in a counter-revolutionary organization, which aimed to overthrow the Soviet power. 

05/03/1931 Fr. Vitaly was shot in Kiev. 

Extract from protocol No. 40/225 sessions of the Judicial Troika at the Collegium of the GPU of the Ukrainian SSR dated 04/14/1931.contained a verdict on the application to the accused under Art. 54-2 and 54-11 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR. 

Information provided by Timur Valerievich Kalchenko, Doctor of Economics.